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Integrative Health Clinic

Multiple Alternative Medicine Practitioners Under One Roof

Meet Megan Pierson

Healing Points

Megan has been working in private practice for 1 year. Prior to this she worked as a provider in the outpatient setting for 6 years. She has treated a variety of patients’ issues including chronic pain, acute pain, neuropathy, headaches, fertility, women’s health, digestive health, and mental health. As an inpatient provider, Megan has treated pre and post-surgical patients, oncology patients, laboring and postpartum mothers, mental health patients, and those recovering from substance abuse. Years of experience working on an integrative team in conjunction with other providers has developed her knowledge, practice and passion in integrative medicine.

Megan Pierson
Megan Pierson
Megan Pierson

Megan’s interest in Traditional Chinese Medicine began when she was 15 years old and found success in the treatment of her menstrual irregularities and pain. She continued to use acupuncture throughout her life to address these issues and more, including helping her to conceive.

Megan has been enjoying living back in her home town, where her children can spend time with their grandparents and helping out on the ranch. She enjoys spending her time with friends and family outdoors hiking, helping with the animals, and gardening. 

Meet Megan Kuehl

Restoration Massage Therapy

Megan Kuehl provides therapeutic massage using a variety of techniques to address pain, stress and identify problematic areas.

Healing Points

Meet Anna Rostad

Down to Earth Health

Owner Anna Rostad harmonizes mind, body, and spirit through yoga, Reiki, and sound therapy.
Her holistic approach fosters wellness and inner peace.

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